The China Diamond offer a range of diamonds from 0.01cts to 5.00cts. We are well known for our ability to offer bespoke assortments that meet requirements of jewellery manufacturers and retailers globally. Customers can either purchase diamonds on a one-off basis or we can create tailor-made programs meeting specific product needs and delivery schedules. We offer a range of services as follows:

Bespoke Assortments

We are a partner of choice to leading retailers, supporting program rollouts end-to-end. We provide design support, diamond content and price point feedback, supply highly calibrated assortments that meet program QC standards and ensure timely deliver and prompt after sales service.

Special Cuts

We have decades of experience fulfilling orders for special cuts. Being vertically integrated we are well placed to source rough, manufacture and fulfil orders for special cuts in a timely and cost effective manner.

Just-in-time Delivery

Have the ability to supply on very short notice, minimizing inventory holding cost without the risk of inventory shortages.

China Online

Gain access to our wide array of certified diamonds on China Online and enjoy special discounts. We promise speedy delivery and effective after sales services. For further details please contact our sales team.

Bagging and Fluting

We can match your needs down to the minutest detail meeting quality and size parameters consistently. Our expert team is well equipped to meet your specific requirements.